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John Latsch State Park

Name: John Latsch State Park   DSCN0749

Year it became a State Park: 1925

Section of Minnesota: Mississippi River, East Coast

Nearby Town: Winona

Positives: The view and the woods.

The Negatives: Very small, no maps, no camping.

General Comments: If you’d like a nice hour long hike to a very nice view of the Mississippi Valley, this is the place.

Something Everyone Wants To See: The Overlook

But you should also check out: The short little walk at the end of the loop. There’s a DSCN0757nice ridge overlooking a curving creek.

Nearby attraction to visit: Anywhere on the river. Both Wabasha and Winona have multiple places to experience the Mississippi more intimately.

Interesting Trivia: This park is named after a Winona business man who liked the area. He bought the land and donated it to the state for public use. It’s near three river bluffs named Faith, Hope and Charity by river captains who used them as navigational markers.

Personal Stories: After driving by it many times, my wife and I visited this park (and DSCN0751met some friends) for the first time this weekend. We enjoyed the walk through the fall woods.

What My Kids Want Me To Say: Next time we should let them come with.

Jamsco Ranking: County Park Level

Final Word: It looks like you don’t need a state park sticker to visit. Try it out.

Thoughts? Comments? Have you been to this park? Do you agree with my assessment?

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Wild River State Park

Name: Wild River State Park

Year it became a State Park: 1978

Section of Minnesota: St. Croix River

Nearby Town: North Branch

Positives: Another beautiful spot on a major river in Minnesota.

The Negatives: Nothing comes to mind.

General Comments: Nice trails, beautiful open meadows, forests, hills and valleys.

Something Everyone Wants To See: The River.

But you should also check out: There is an outdoor ‘Interpretive Exhibit’ near the entrance which is unique and interesting to walk around.


Nearby attraction to visit: Taylor’s Falls is always fun, as is Wild Mount Ski Area.

Interesting Trivia: The Nevers Dam trail brings you to the spot where a significant dam helped the logging that used to go down the river here.


Personal Stories: We often go to this park in March/April for the Maple Sap boil. I’ve also written three poems with the Never’s Dam Trail as the back drop.

What My Kids Want Me To Say: If you climb down the steep bank into the marshy area along the Nevers Dam Trail, you can catch a crayfish.

Jamsco Ranking: Very Nice.

Final Word: The view from the deck of the information center is a great place for a picnic.

Thoughts? Comments? Have you been to this park ? Do you agree with my assessment?

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The Star Tribune Chooses More Wisely

Every year the Star Tribune puts out their yearly “Best of MN” magazine. You may recall that last year they chose a state park that I suggested was less than the best.

This year (no, they didn’t consult me) they made a better choice: Gooseberry.

Among the most beautiful parks anywhere in North America, Gooseberry Falls is perched magnificently along Minnesota’s North Shore. Featuring five waterfalls . . .

Like I’ve said, choosing a best state park would be very difficult, but at least this one would be in my top ten.

And yes, I’ll be revisiting another state park soon.


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Minnesota Hyperlapse – Google Maps


Have you heard about the new tool that allows a user to make videos from the Google Maps Street Level Photos? The results are very interesting. I made a few for Minnesota sites that work well with this medium. Take a look! (They take about a minute to load up.)

Silver Creek Tunnel North of Two Harbors

Driving into Red Wing – Barn Bluff

Sugar Loaf, Winona

Duluth Highway overlooking Lake

Coming From Canada (Highway 61)

Grand Marais Lighthouse

Entering MN from IA (Highway 35)

And here are a few more urban settings
Lowry Hill Tunnel – Minneapolis

Airplane leaving Twin Cities Airport

Heading into downtown MPLS (from 35W)

IDS Building

Did I miss any?

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Superior Reminders

One of our family’s favorite Minnesota places to visit is not in a state park, but at Artist Point in Grand Marais. Over at my other blog, I just posted a list of six reminders that were given to us on our last visit.

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Gooseberry In Winter

Four years ago this week, our family drove up to the North Shore for a wedding and on the way home we stopped at Gooseberry and walked around the falls. Want to see pictures?

DSC03037 DSC03039 DSC03040 DSC03023 DSC03026 DSC03031 DSC03034 DSC03036

Oh, and I should mention that we had a very nice breakfast at Naniboujou Lodge.


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