Banning State Park

Name: Banning State Park 101_0068

Year it became a State Park: 1963

Section of Minnesota: East Central

Nearby Town: Sandstone, Hinckley

Positives: Perfect woods and river. Not too far or too close to the Twin Cities or Duluth.

Negatives: None come to mind.101_0078

General Comments: The centerpiece of this state park is the Kettle River, which is among the prettiest in the state. It has some great rock formations and low level and higher level parallel paths along the waterway.

Something Everyone Wants To See: The Whitewater Rapids

But you should also check out: Really nice forest hiking. 101_0045

Nearby attraction to visit: Tobies in Hinckley?

Interesting Trivia: There is some interesting history here, with the former Banning townsite and the remains of the quarries.

Personal Stories: Two summers ago we had a very nice breakfast picnic overlooking the river (with homemade cinnamon rolls). They’ve put some nice tables and picnic platforms in perfect spots.

What My Kids Want Me To Say: The rocks aren’t too dangerous, let your kids climb 101_0072around awhile.

Jamsco Ranking: Very nice

Final Word: If you’re like we were three years ago and you’ve seen the signs on your way between the Twin Cities and Duluth and have never stopped in, you really should. It’s less than a half mile from Interstate 35.

Thoughts? Comments? Have you been to this park? Do you agree with my assessment?


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I am a Husband of Debbie / Father of 8 and Child of God. Creatively I write songs and professionally I am a database programmer.
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