Wild River State Park

Name: Wild River State Park

Year it became a State Park: 1978

Section of Minnesota: St. Croix River

Nearby Town: North Branch

Positives: Another beautiful spot on a major river in Minnesota.

The Negatives: Nothing comes to mind.

General Comments: Nice trails, beautiful open meadows, forests, hills and valleys.

Something Everyone Wants To See: The River.

But you should also check out: There is an outdoor ‘Interpretive Exhibit’ near the entrance which is unique and interesting to walk around.


Nearby attraction to visit: Taylor’s Falls is always fun, as is Wild Mount Ski Area.

Interesting Trivia: The Nevers Dam trail brings you to the spot where a significant dam helped the logging that used to go down the river here.


Personal Stories: We often go to this park in March/April for the Maple Sap boil. I’ve also written three poems with the Never’s Dam Trail as the back drop.

What My Kids Want Me To Say: If you climb down the steep bank into the marshy area along the Nevers Dam Trail, you can catch a crayfish.

Jamsco Ranking: Very Nice.

Final Word: The view from the deck of the information center is a great place for a picnic.

Thoughts? Comments? Have you been to this park ? Do you agree with my assessment?

About jamsco

I am a Husband of Debbie / Father of 8 and Child of God. Creatively I write songs and professionally I am a database programmer.
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