To The Star Tribune: I Respectfully Disagree

Last week the Star Tribune published its “Best Of Minnesota” magazine and in it they claim that the best state park in Minnesota is Whitewater State Park. They cite
“miles of cool rivers, steep bluffs and deep valleys, drumming grouse and gobbling turkeys”

Now I will say that (A) Whitewater is a very pleasant place to visit, as I said in my review, and (B) it would be very difficult to choose the best state park, but no – Whitewater is not the best one.

I will go on record and say that any one choosing a best state park that is not on the “East Coast” (i.e. Lake Superior or the Mississippi or St. Croix Rivers) will be wrong. Okay, probably wrong.


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3 Responses to To The Star Tribune: I Respectfully Disagree

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  2. I’d have to respectfully disagree with your disagreement. First of all this is a great discussion because we have so many amazing options in Minnesota. We went to Whitewater state park on the advise of a friend and were thoroughly surprised to see what a gem this was. There are breathtaking views and topography (especially the river bluffs), great hiking and naturalist programs, and an underrated swim beach. It is easy to get distracted by Lake Superior, who’s grandeur is unmatched, but choosing Whitewater is not that much of a stretch. (Plus it has the fewest bugs of any campground I’ve ever been to in the summer!)

  3. jamsco says:

    ads, I find I have very little (or maybe nothing) to disagree with in your comment. I spent some time swimming at that beach when I was in high school and there is much to like at Whitewater. And I now see that they choose a different state park every year, and I can’t expect that they will choose an East Coast park every year.

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