Map Of Parks I’ve Reviewed




5 Responses to Map Of Parks I’ve Reviewed

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  2. Sally Reynolds says:

    I’ve been visiting MN state parks since 1998 and will be going to #49 and #50 in two weeks. (I’m hoping to finish getting to all 68 within the next two years.) I agree with your assessments. Although I’ve enjoyed every park I’ve visited, there are some I will likely never see again (“county park level”), some I’ll definitely try to get to again (very nice) and some I’ve already been to several times (“best in state”.) My only truly bad experience was trying to visit Lake Maria State Park in July when the deer flies were terrible. My companion and I could barely leave the car for fear of being mobbed by the pests. I do hope to go back to Lake Maria in a different time of year.

  3. jamsco says:

    Thanks for your comments. Yes, deer flies can ruin any place. I’ve heard nice things about Lake Maria. I’ve only been there once and it was for a very short visit.

  4. jamsco says:

    Also, I’m impressed with your number of visits. Which two are you going to be visiting?

  5. Sally Reynolds says:

    We’ll be going to Charles Lindbergh Park and Crow Wing State Park. Unfortunately, it will have to be a very short trip (one night) due to work schedules. But we should have time to hike the hiking club trails in both parks.

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