Tettegouche State Park – Under Construction

Six weeks ago we were driving up Highway 61 along Lake Superior and saw that all of the information center / parking lot / Rest area of Tettegouche State Park (which I haven’t review yet) had been torn down, making way for a new building.

So when we were there last week, walking in between the work and the lake … I took some pictures of the construction.

The Ranger at the temporary ranger station guessed that it might be done July of 2013. I’ll be very interested to see it.


About jamsco

I am a Husband of Debbie / Father of 8 and Child of God. Creatively I write songs and professionally I am a database programmer.
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2 Responses to Tettegouche State Park – Under Construction

  1. graydo says:

    July of 2013 maybe?

    Great blog, check out Savanna Portage State Park someday, a really hidden jewel…

  2. jamsco says:

    I’ve only been to Savanna Portage once, and it’s been a while. We’ll see.

    And I fixed the date.

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