Myre Big Island

Name: Myre Big Island State Park

Year it became a State Park: 1947

Section of Minnesota: South Central

Nearby Town: Albert Lea

Positives: You can drive onto an island – and camp there. It has a nice picnic area

The Negatives: Nothing comes to mind.

General Comments: Looking out on the large lake, you see very little that is man-made.

Something You Should Do: Take a walk through the woods around the island.

Interesting Trivia: This state park is very close to the intersection of two major interstate highways – 35 and 90.

Personal Stories: I met my wife’s extended family (from Iowa) for the first time at this park. This a good midway point for Twin Cities people to meet Iowans.

Just a few years ago I let my wife relax in the van while I took the kids for a walk to look for a geocache. This is was in a more prairie-like section of the park and is another nice hike.

What My Kids Want Me To Say: They remember this as the park that they tried to keep their balance as they played on top of the fire circle. They wanted me to say that it’s a good place to do this.

Jamsco Ranking: County Park Level.

Final Word: What can I say? It’s pleasant but not spectacular.


About jamsco

I am a Husband of Debbie / Father of 8 and Child of God. Creatively I write songs and professionally I am a database programmer.
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2 Responses to Myre Big Island

  1. Michelle York says:

    I grew up in Albert Lea. My stay-close-to-home parents took us to Helmer Myre (the park’s previous name) State Park all the time. We almost always got one of the same three sites in the loop against the woods. Because we were there so much, I think my brother and I felt like it was OUR park and everyone else was just visiting…LOL. We knew the trails as well as we knew our bedrooms. Making neat things with snake grass, catching fireflys, having a fire, roasting marshmallows, and getting to eat stuff we never got to eat any other time 🙂 Meeting all kinds of other kids and ripping around on our bikes through the park. This was back when they used to literally lock us in at 10 pm. Yep…the gate was shut and no traffic in or out. Although it was peaceful, for reasons that became obvious, that policy became a medical emergency, and freedom issue. Time spent camping are some of THE most memorable, enjoyable times from my childhood. In my adult life I have worked at Temperance River State Park, Bear Head Lake State Park, and Soudan Underground Mine State Park. And they even PAID me to do it 😉

  2. jamsco says:

    Thanks for your comments. I can imaging that it would be pretty easy to lock people in on that island. What did you do when you worked at those state parks?

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