Interstate State Park

Name:     Interstate State Park

Year it became a State Park:  1895 (second State Park in Minnesota)

Section of Minnesota: Twin Cities, East Coast, St. Croix River

Nearby Town: Taylor’s Falls

Close to the Twin Cities, great day trip location, cool geological formations.

Not a big deal, but on popular weekends, you may have to park in the town of Taylor’s Falls. This isn’t exactly a negative, because it’s a pleasant town, but you have to walk under the highway bridge to get to the park, which is a bit of a hike (path provided).

General Comments:
When I first visited this park, I was extremely pleased to discover that such an interesting place exists so close to the cities. If you haven’t been to this state park and you live in the Twin Cities, you really should. It’s a beautiful place to walk / climb around, especially if you like the crunch of pine needles.

There are places in this park where keeping young children in hand is advisable, but we’ve brought all ages.

Something You Should See In the Park:
Take a left at the first really big pothole and walk down the path out across the bridge to the rock out cropping. It’s a nice place for family or couples pictures. Just don’t let your kids go too far.

Nearby attraction to visit:
Franconia Sculpture Park. It’s weird. Take a look.

Interesting Trivia:
There used to be a chair-like rock formation called the Devil’s Chair, but some ne’er do well (or group of them) knocked it down.

They have found very interesting and very old items in the naturally formed ‘potholes’. See some at the Interactive Center

Personal Stories:
This park has commonly been a Father’s Day day-trip park for our family and we often have a picnic in a non-traditional picnic spot.

On a day trip in my college days, my roommate (from British Columbia) was disappointed by the ‘falls’. I guess I should say that you shouldn’t go expecting to see a fifty foot waterfall.

In high school, my youth group used to go cliff jumping on the Wisconsin side. At least at that time, swimming was illegal on the Minnesota side, but not in Wisconsin.

What My Kids Want Me To Say: It’s interesting, fun and a little mysterious.

Jamsco Ranking:  Among The Best In the State

Last Word: One trait of a good park is this: It has many out of the way hidden spots that your family can choose as it’s own place to be. Go to this park and look for a nook or cranny that can be this spot for your family. At Interstate, it might be thirty seconds off the beaten path.


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I am a Husband of Debbie / Father of 8 and Child of God. Creatively I write songs and professionally I am a database programmer.
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