What If I Don’t Want To Camp?

I have a vivid memory of a conversation. It’s part of the reason why I created this blog.

I walked up behind two dads (both friends of mine; we were at a church picnic) and I figured out pretty quickly that one of them was describing a distant view of Split Rock Lighthouse that they had seen on a recent trip to the North Shore. He was expressing his disappointment that he hadn’t been able to get his kids a better view of it. So I asked what I thought was a reasonable question:

“Why didn’t you just go into the park?”

And his answer haunts me to this day: “Because I don’t want to submit my children to camping.”

He was only half joking.

Ignoring the obvious question (“Why not?”) I went straight into the explanation –

Who says you have to camp? They aren’t going to kick you out if they find out you don’t have a tent. Our family has been to 25 State Parks in the last three years and we’ve only camped in one of them.

It costs five dollars to bring your family (and whoever else you can fit into car) into any MSP for a whole day. That’s the cheapest entertainment/educational experience you’ll find.



About jamsco

I am a Husband of Debbie / Father of 8 and Child of God. Creatively I write songs and professionally I am a database programmer.
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